As a career accelerator, I focus entirely on your interests, challenges, and goals through a co-creative process. I provide you an accountability partner, safe opportunities for meaningful dialogue, new perspectives and expanded options, inspiration and motivation, potential solutions, and next steps. In short: a listening ear asking you the right questions for the benefit of you and only you.

I can help by being your career accelerator. I am totally neutral: I have no personal interest or agenda but your success and happiness. You can choose to work together on a project basis (fixed agenda with flexible time of completion) or a continuous basis (fixed, regular appointments with flexible agenda).

Our collaboration takes place over the Internet or phone, so you need not spend precious time to commute and meet. But, we can also meet if you like, I love traveling!

The first step to work together is to schedule a complimentary session at a convenient time for you. It’s absolutely free, go ahead and give it a try!